Troffee system allows for total control over the machine and mobile app.

Administrator can adjust the appearance of the interface to his expectations by changing the layout of each component of the machine interface and modifying the ordering logic. Editing the appearance of Menu pages can also be done by changing the look of glasses, setting any number of recipes on the page and using different fonts.

Thanks to the Troffee system, coffee machine’s administrator can display any advertising content, decide on the length of spots and their number. Advertisements can be displayed both when the machine is idle and while machine is preparing a beverage. When a consumer purchases a product using our application, the coffee maker allows for personalised advertising to be broadcasted.

There is a built-in speech synthesizer in the machine, which allows to add any voice commands, e.g. greeting consumer with his name when he orders a drink through the application.

Troffee System gives full control over the added flavours and beans to the machine. It allows to add only products approved by the machine’s administrator. It also controls the amount of liquid and beans, their expiry date and inventory of the machine, specifying the time for which they are sufficient taking under consideration the speed of current consumption.

With Troffee system, administrator is able to freely configure payment model for consumers, including making all coffees available for free, introducing a mixed system where each specific group of consumers is able to enjoy different price or even giving the possibility to scan the discount code for a beverage.