For administrator

With the Troffee app, the administrator can take consumer relations to a completely new level.

With the data from the mobile app, administrator can divide consumers into groups, and direct personalized promotional offers to those groups / people. Information sent to consumers’ phones can be delivered both at a specific time and in a specific location.

Our machine is capable of analysing consumers preferences and consumption, this is done to make stock flow more efficient, and to help increase consumer experience.

Ordering from the app level, reduces time that consumer stays at the machine’s site, which effectively eliminates the need to queue to the cash register.

Administrator can inform consumers about new coffee recipes, available discounts and send invitations to consumers asking for participation in promotional events organized by Operator and his partner, which enhances experience and success of cross marketing actions.

For consumer

Troffee mobile app gives the consumer full control over the ordered beverage by adding and subtracting ingredients available in the machine. This allows consumers to create their own recipes and save them in their own mobile app.

In addition to the ability to remember your favorite recipes, and recipes you created. Troffee mobile app allows you to share recipes through different channels, from Social Media, mobile app itself, through communication sent to friends.

Thanks to our app, consumers can invite their friends, pay for drinks, donate funds to charity…and MORE!!!

Troffee mobile app can be used to inform consumers about events nearby, new coffee recipes, available discounts. Consumer will also be informed about promotional events organized by the machine’s administrator.